for Members and Families

As reported in 2018, we completed the mapping and data collection project at Bell's Chapel Cemetery by Texas Cemetery Restoration, and we have been asking our members to identify and prove-up vacant family plots which they believe they may have a claim to.  After over a year, this process will soon come to a close, and all temporary holds on plots will be released for sale.


The only official, recorded map of the cemetery is on our website:

Click on Plat Map link


The official listing of all plot owners is on our website:

Click on Plot Owners link


If you do not find your listing, please read the information on plot claim challenges on our website:

Click on Plot Claim Challenges link


So, if you believe you have a claim to a burial plot at Bell's Chapel Cemetery and cannot locate your name on your claimed plot in our database, your claim will need to be resolved prior to request for an Interment Authorization, and your delay will risk that the claimed plot may be sold to another member.


You may contact us at