Bell's Chapel Cemetery

Rockett, Texas


In Memorium

Since Bell's Chapel Cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery, we depend upon the donations of our members for the care and upkeep of the cemetery.  Members are responsible for the individual grave markers of their families, but the association maintains the grounds with funds provided from donations.

We are grateful for the Testamentary Bequests of these members over the years, which we manage as an endowment fund, using the income as reserve funds to augment our operating budget.

In Memoria and with Gratitude to:

Harold Patteson

Blanche Sutton Patteson

Guy Horton

Martha Irene Eitel

Horace E. Carter


Donation Opportunities


Operating Care, up-keep and beautification

Undesignated donations will go into our general operating fund and are used for the costs of maintaining the grounds and general improvements. 

Major Improvement Projects

From time to time a major improvement project will be launched, such as fencing the property. 

Marker Restoration Project Some of the old markers need repair, but there are no living family members to take care of them.  For the overal appearance of the cemetery, we rely upon donations to restore them.
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Endowment Fund

Your donation to our endowment fund will ensure that the corpus will be preserved for future generations while its earnings can be used to augment the general operating fund. 



As a non-perpetual care, private historic cemetery, we are dependent upon donations

by our members and friends in order to maintain the grounds.

Please send your tax-deductible donation to:

Bell's Chapel Cemetery Association

c/o Angela Giessner, Vice President

2509 S. Carrier Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75052-5099

Or use your credit card to make your donation online.

for  a designated or undesginated donation,

and we will send you a tax receipt.

To contact the Board Members, email:

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