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Three different branches of the Farrar family which settled in northern Ellis Co, TX in the mid 19th century were descended from George Washington Farrar Sr (1807-1855), James J. Farrar (1790-1841) and Samuel B. Farrar (1807-1873) as the patriarchs of their respective family branches. 

In tracing back the Farrar Family Tree, the closest family ancestor for all three is George William Farrar Sr (1698-1772).  He was born 30 Aug 1698 on Farrars Island, Henrico, Virginia.  In 1717 when both were 19 years old, George married Judith Jefferson (1698-1786) and they lived in St James Parish, Mecklenburg, Virginia.  Judith was the sister of Peter Jefferson, the father of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), 3rd President of the United States, making Judith the President's aunt and all of their Farrar children first cousins of the President.  Thomas Jefferson also wrote the Declaration of Independence and was one of its signers July 4, 1776.

So all you Farrar descendants reading this know that you have Jefferson blood in your veins.


In an earlier posting on the Facebook Page of Bell's Chapel Cemetery, we discussed that three different branches of the Farrar family settled in northern Ellis Co, TX in the mid 19th century, all descended from

George William Farrar Sr (1698-1772), the uncle of President Thomas Jefferson.

Those three Ellis County Farrar family trees back to George William Farrar Sr. are shown below, and below those are the George William Farrar family tree from George William Farrar Sr. back to Sir Henry I, Lord Chambray and Longueville de Ferrers born in France in 1036, and whose son Sir Robert DeFerrers  (b. 1062) was the 1st Earl of Derby.  He was likely a Norman knight who came to England with William the Conqueror, yet to be confirmed.

Below are the family trees of:

and finally


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