for Funeral Homes

Bell's Chapel Cemetery is a 150 year old rural cemetery with no offices nor employees.  Volunteers have worked hard to maintain the cemetery in its beautiful, tranquil condition on a limited budget.


We require that all burials or other grave services be performed by a Texas licensed funeral home or your agents, including opening and closing graves for interments and burial of cremation urns.


A fully executed Interment Authorization Form must be submitted and approved prior to interment, and all funeral and burial services must comply with our Rules and Regulations.


Since the cemetery is so old and records are sketchy to non-existent, it is important (unless a Plot is being purchased) that the Plot Owner of the desired burial space be confirmed with our online database and cemetery Plat Maps prior to submission of the Interment Authorization.  If they are not so indicated, we may not be able to approve an Interment Authorization request without delaying the desired burial date and without a surcharge for our Grave Opening Fee.


The family is responsible for accurately "spotting" or marking the grave site for the grave digger, which in most cases they will delegate to you as their agent.  At great expense, we have placed satellite-positioned Row Markers along each row for your guidance, and have clear instructions for marking the grave site to assist you.


Please feel free to contact us by email with any questions or requests.

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