Bell's Chapel Cemetery

Rockett, Texas

Grave Plots and Burials

2022 Pricing Schedule

Please refer to the website for latest information:


Burial Plot Purchase - Standard 4' x 10':   Click for available plots and to purchase a plot $ 1,750
Excavation Fee for Burial - paid to your funeral home at their prevailing rates, estimated: $ 825-875

Grave Opening Fee payable through your funeral home to Bell's Chapel Cemetery; provided however, that there may be a surcharge for the approval of an interment in a plot where the ownership and/or approval authority has not been proved up in advance of need.

$   350


Prior to purchasing a burial plot at Bell's Chapel Cemetery, please CAREFULLY read the Cemetery Rules and Regulations found on the website. 

  • Family members are responsible for providing proof of ownership of burial plots prior to need with a recorded Deed Certificate received upon purchase, which specifies a plot in our Plot Database. If the claimed plot cannot be found online, please read this notice and contact us immediately.

  • Family members are also responsible for correctly locating ("spotting") the family grave plot at the time of need, which we recommend they delegate to their chosen professional funeral home, in accordance with this Guide and the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

  • Finally, family members are responsible for the maintenance of their family plots, including monuments, in accordance with the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.


Contact Brenda Sapp about Grave Plot availability at 972-977-2437. To purchase a plot, please complete and submit the Burial Plot Sales Form.  A cemetery deed will be issued for each plot purchased which should be recorded with the Ellis County Clerk. The cemetery deed does not convey real estate per se, but a right of interment subject to the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.


Contact June Muir for information related to Bell's Chapel Cemetery at 469-387-0591 or email


Interments must be pre-approved in writing. 

  • To request advance authorization for a burial, please complete and submit an Interment Authorization Form.

  • The Grave Opening Fee should be remitted to:

Dan F. Mosley, Treasurer 

126 Pinnacle Club Dr

Mabank, TX 75156

  •  All interments and disinterment's are to be performed by an approved, licensed funeral home in accordance with the Cemetery Rules and Regulations and State law.  Your funeral home must obtain advance approval from Bell's Chapel Cemetery before entering cemetery premises to perform any service.

  • If the cemetery deed is in the name of a person now deceased, the legal successor in interest to the owner must be represented to us.  If a cemetery deed is transferred by the plot owner to another owner, the successor owner must provide the cemetery a copy of the recorded transfer of ownership.

  • If you have an old cemetery deed dated before 2003 or which does not refer to a plot on the Plot Map on this website, you need to read this memo about Plot Claim Challenges.

For assistance with new monuments or maintenance on existing monuments, please contact Giles Monument at 972-938-1404 or your preferred monument company.


Bell's Chapel Cemetery is an historic private, non-profit, non-perpetual care cemetery. There are no employees and the Board of Directors are all unpaid volunteer family members. Family members are responsible for keeping up with ownership information and gravesite maintenance in accordance with Cemetery Rules and Regulations. The cemetery is dependent upon the generous tax-deductible donations of friends and family members to maintain the grounds.  Feel free to contact any of the Board of Directors listed on the Board page of this website if you need to speak to anyone concerning the cemetery, or send an email message to and someone will respond to your inquiry.


Click here to read the Cemetery Rules and Regulations


Click here to review the cemetery Governance documents


To contact the Board Members, email:

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